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Andrea Scanzi
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I have already spoken about Caleffi Winery. I discovered it with Proposta Vini. I was impressed by their Le Regone ven negar, a bottle-refermented Lambrusco with a majority Ancellotta (hence the name, and especially the colour). It is a free-range, animal Lambrusco, the likes of Graziano and Angol d'Amig, both in the Modena area. And a similar 'animality'in the Cremona area, I mistakenly did not expect it.

The winery, after reading the review and watching the #ScanziLive Facebook live where I drank their wine, had the goodness to send me a sample of the six wines produced. I accepted, even though I usually avoid: I love buying wines and gifts always embarrass me (not just wines). But I really appreciated their kindness. 

I have yet to try the two still reds, while I have tried all the Lambrusco wines (three) as well as the Regone bianco (pure Malvasia). The latter is delicious, and I never particularly like aromatic varieties. I must say, however, that the re-fermented Malvasia found in the Parma area (Crocizia, Donati) and precisely in the Cremona area is always very pleasant to me. And this is the case here.

Del Regone Vin Negar I have already said: great Lambrusco. TheRegone in bloom and the Regone Ven Ros are both Lambrusco with a Viadanese majority. The first is a rosé, with a 15% of Salamino and a 5% of Fortana. Pleasant, graceful, for aperitifs or the whole meal. The Ven Ros has a 75% from Viadanese, 20% from Salamino and a 5% from Ancellotta. He is the polite brother of the Ven Negar and is fully successful (although the negar excites me more).

Summing up. Wines of the heart: negar and Malvasia. Wines to try: Rosato and 'classic' Lambrusco. In conclusion: I had an inkling that this was a good company and now I have confirmation.


Article from the blog 'Il vino degli altri' by Andrea Scanzi, Italian journalist and writer.

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