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Andrea Scanzi
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I just had a Animal & splendid Lambrusco. 60% Ancellotta, 30% Lambrusco Viadanese, 10% Lambrusco Salamino. I discovered it by chance through Proposta Vini and was really impressed. It's called Vin Negar and the company is Caleffi. Spineda, hence Cremona. Ancestral method, hence a re-fermented in the bottle.

Foreword 1. I opened this wine with my partner to celebrate the overtaking on Facebook of the number of fans of my page over that of Matteo Renzi. So this wine got off to a good start regardless.
Foreword 2. These days I am watching a TV series on Sky, it is called Yellowstone and the main character is Kevin Costner. Set in modern-day Montana, it is a western series because in Montana they are still in the Wild West (and that's not necessarily a bad thing). Drinking this wine, and feeling the overly animal and 'stallatic' notes (like the much-loved Vittorio Graziano and Scaramusc) that pleasantly assault you, we called it ' John Dutton's bottle". John Dutton is Costner's name in the series, which is all about horses, cows, hay and stables. The first hints of the wine in question.

That said and reiterated, Caleffi's Vin Negar was over in no time. Wine with character and splendidly free-rangenatural, perfect for everyday use. Prodigiously drinkable, not at all anonymous, successful and even fun.


Article from the blog 'Il vino degli altri' by Andrea Scanzi, Italian journalist and writer.

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