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Andrea Scanzi
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I have always loved the Parma-based company Crocizia. In particular, there was a time when I loved drinking their Besiosa. A pure aromatic Malvasia di Candia. I found Crocizia thanks to Glu Glu Wine. La Besiosa was not there, so I tried two of the company's reds: lo S'cèttBarbera and Croatina, and the Marc'Aurelius, Lambrusco Maestri in purity. Fully successful wines.

The natural sparkling reds of Emilia can - oversimplifying greatly - be divided into two categories. Those that are strongly 'animal' and somewhat wild, and those that are more graceful. Among the former, my favourites are undoubtedly Angol d'Amig, Graziano and Caleffi (which is Cremona, hence Lombardy, but that is the type).

Among the latter, I include Crosses and Camillo Donati. The latter, also not geographically distant from Crucizia, is (notwithstanding the undeniable personality of the two companies) the most effective reminder of the the style of Crucizia to those who have not yet come across their wines. It is a bubbling, volcanic winery that produces many labels (even apple cider!). A guarantee.

Article from the blog 'Il vino degli altri' by Andrea Scanzi, Italian journalist and writer.

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