Forbes celebrated the 100 Italian excellences 2024 at Principe di Savoia in Milan

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Bfc Media awarded the 100 Italian Excellencies 2024 at the Principe di Savoia in Milan. The annual Forbes project, organised in collaboration with So Wine So Food, aims to celebrate companies that represent excellence on the Italian scene thanks to their history, passion, commitment and raw materials.

Telling excellence

The 100 protagonists of Italian quality, divided into the Drink, Food, Restaurant, Socialize and Wine categories, were awarded with a plaque attesting to Forbes' 2024 choices to represent the excellence that contributes to making Italy great.

"For the past five years, Forbes has had the pleasure of producing a book dedicated precisely to Italian excellence," explains the editor of ForbesAlessandro Mauro Rossi who continues, 'This year we have selected 100 again, drawing from a pool of thousands of companies and products that have made and are making our country great.

The evening's panels

The director began the evening by calling on stage Riccardo Illy, president of the Polo del Gusto, who spoke about the new Incantalia project, a network of shops of excellence.

He then interviewed Miriam De Vita, editor-in-chief of So Wine So Food, publishing house which makes the search for Italian quality one of its strengths and which contributed to the realisation of this project. The evening continued with speeches by some of the protagonists of this selection, in two panels.

The first, 'Communicating excellence between legal aspects and digital word-of-mouth', featured speeches by Paola Corte, partner of Studio Legale Corte, Vincenzo Parisi, commercial director of Nicolis Project, Benedetta Andreozzi ceo and founder of Realz, Concetto Testa, director of Testa Conserve and Mattia Caleffichief strategy officer of Cantina Caleffi.

The second 'People at the centre: how to bridge the gap between companies and employees' with speeches by Cristian Biasoni, CEO of Chefexpress, Alessandro Necchio, founder of Studio Necchio, Sara Zanetti, marketing director of Recla and Fausto Amodìo, CEO of Gruppo Ciro Amodìo.

Article from the April 2024 issue of Forbes Italy.

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