From art to culture: how Cantina Caleffi redefines the codes of Wine Hospitality

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Redefining the wine hospitalityThis is the vision that is leading Caleffi Winery to establish itself as a new maison of excellence on the Italian wine scene, garnering prestigious awards from industry experts. "The hallmark of a fascinating and aspirational experience lies in the harmony between the highest standards of quality, elegance and innovation," says Mattia Caleffi, the interpreter and guide of this journey.

A vision rooted in his experience gained in international companies and permeating the world of wine by applying the principles of luxury. To experience a unique and exclusive moment, which springs from the sip of one of our glasses, savouring history, passion and our intuitions, is the keystone to make a breach in the hearts of our loyal customers, making them feel welcomed as in a boutique immersed in the ancient vineyards, where they can experience an elegant, vibrant and involving journey''.

Cantina Caleffi between tradition and a new sustainable business model

Set in a tongue of land between the provinces of Mantua and Cremona, amidst the Unesco World Heritage renaissance architectural nuclei of the Gonzaga lands, Cantina Caleffi elevates with style, expressive purity and a biodynamic production philosophy a terroir that gives life to Malvasia di Candia, Lambrusco and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A limited edition of wines with authentic character - about 36 thousand bottles - that combines the knowledge handed down through generations with the ideas and visions of a new sustainable business model.

"It is an honour to be custodians of our roots, as they are the competitive differentiators for creating sustainable and lasting value with and for our stakeholders,'' says Mattia Caleffi, emphasising the importance of the distinctive identity of each entity and the relevance of working in concert with all players in the ecosystem in which it is embedded.

"The fascination of a wine experience that merges the spheres of art, culture, haute cuisine, and oenology, while at the same time respecting the most important ethical principles of social and environmental sustainability, constitutes the synthesis of our company's vision. A sophisticated and innovative combination of initiatives ranging from partnerships with prestigious starred chefs to the launch of new collections in the fields of fashion and design. Chalices that inspire the aesthetics of art and create a fascinating union that invites people to immerse themselves in multi-sensory experiences".

They also embrace projects in education, culture and support, where possible, humanitarian missions and medical research. Finally, Mattia concludes, "becoming a wine destination sought after, combining the whispering elegance of nature, the intimate welcome reserved for an international audience and the art of winemaking, constitutes for us the present and future direction''.

Maurizio Abbati

Article from the Small Giants supplement of the March 2024 issue of Forbes Italy.

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