The secret of a winery is contained in its bottles

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There are stories that cannot be forgotten and there are encounters that leave a mark... Or, rather, a stain. It is precisely the latter that characterises the bottles of Cantina Caleffi. A winemaking reality in which the history of ancient knowledge of vine cultivation and wine-making is intertwined with change, especially generational change.

We are in Spineda, in the heart of the Casalasca countryside, a land that has always been devoted to agriculture and animal husbandry. And the Caleffi family has also always worked the land, producing milk, meat and cereals. They have been doing this since the early 20th century and have continued to do so until 2018. This is in fact the year in which Emanuele and Davide, the latest generation, rather than being crushed by the weight of the crisis in the sector, decided to dare. They thus begin to produce wine and bring it to the market with their own label, managing to completely close the cycle of the supply chain, from production to sale. With them comes a new wine with an ancestral taste, like the method used, which makes each bottle of the Cantina an almost rare piece.

Every year is a discovery and, for the two brothers, a leap forward. Almost surgical work to achieve excellence. At each pressing they 'freeze' 10% of the must from the vines, fermenting the rest. At the end of the first fermentation, when the wine arrives at decantation, they add the original frozen must that allows re-fermentation in the bottle in a natural way, i.e. without using chemicals.

The process is natural at 110% and this makes it unique also in taste. The aim, for the Caleffi brothers, is to rediscover, through their wine, that part of the territory that is not only of quantity and quality but also of rare excellence. Bottles that speak Italian and reach anyone in the world: written in Braille, sealed with corks made in Italy and with labels made of recycled paper. Caleffi fully expresses being in company, shortens distances, cancels diversity and unites people. Wine suitable for everyone without exclusion: for coeliacs, diabetics and those allergic to sulphites. In short, a wine as pure as the heart of its maker.

Article from Italia Più, a magazine of Il sole 24 ore, which recounts the most authoritative realities of our country, highlighting their excellence in the entrepreneurial field.

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